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3.4  INDEPENDENT LIVING, Related Foster Care Requirements

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Question 1.  
Can the permanency plan for a child when s/he is "placed in another planned permanency living arrangement" include independent living and/or emancipation in accordance with 475(5)(C) of the Social Security Act?

Question 2.  
What is the definition of "foster care" to be used in connection with the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program?

Question 3.  
Can foster care include non-paid relative care where a foster care maintenance payment is not being made?

Question 4.  
Is an Indian boarding school considered a foster care setting for the purposes of eligibility for Chafee Independent Living services? Would it matter if the boarding school were outside the U.S., e.g., in Canada?

Question 5.  
Are youth who have been dually adjudicated with both delinquent and abuse/ neglect determinations, but are placed only in a detention facility eligible for Chafee services?



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