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3.5A  Youth Eligibility

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Question 1.  
Must a youth be 18 years of age to receive a Chafee Educational and Training Voucher?

Question 2.  
If a State amends its title IV-E State plan to define youth at age 14 as eligible for Chafee services, can the State also make foster care youth who are adopted at age 14 eligible for Educational and Training Vouchers (ETV) under the "youth otherwise eligible" criteria in section 477(i)(1) of the Social Security Act (the Act)?

Question 3.  
Must students attend school full-time to receive a Chafee Educational and Training Voucher?

Question 4.  
If a youth has been receiving a Chafee voucher to attend college, but is not taking classes during the semester the youth turns age 21, will the youth continue to be eligible for a voucher through age 23?

Question 5.  
Would a voucher be available for a youth to get an adult high school certificate or General Equivalency Degree (GED) at a community college?



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