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8.5  Guardianship Assistance Program

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Question 1.  
Are children that are receiving title IV-E guardianship assistance payments eligible for Medicaid?

Question 2.  
Do the fair hearing requirements in section 471(a)(12) and 45 CFR 205.10 apply to the title IV-E Guardianship Assistance Program (GAP)?

Question 3.  
Describe the case plan requirements for children who have a permanency plan of relative guardianship.

Question 4.  
Which title IV-E plan requirements apply to the guardianship assistance program?

Question 5.  
May a title IV-E agency that is operating a title IV-E guardianship assistance program (GAP) claim allowable administration and training costs?

Question 6.  
Is a title IV-E agency obligated to reimburse the non-recurring expenses (NREs) (e.g., legal fees) if the legal guardianship is never finalized?

Question 7.  
Is a guardianship assistance agreement required between the successor legal guardian and the title IV-E agency?

Question 8.  
Are title IV-E agencies required to have a successor legal guardian option?



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