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8.5B  Guardianship Assistance Program, Eligibility

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Question 2.  
If the relative guardian receiving title IV-E Guardianship Assistance Program (GAP) payments on behalf of a child dies or is no longer able to care for the child, does the child retain eligibility for title IV-E foster care maintenance payments if he returns to foster care?

Question 5.  
Describe the child eligibility requirements for the title IV-E kinship guardianship assistance program (GAP).

Question 6.  
Please provide additional guidance on what counts as a ┐consecutive month┐ for purposes of determining eligibility for title IV-E kinship guardianship assistance payments.

Question 7.  
Must a title IV-E agency that takes the option to extend the IV-E programs to older youth ages 19, 20, or 21 per section 475(8)(B) of the Social Security Act and has opted to provide title IV-E guardianship assistance provide title IV-E guardianship assistance payments to the older youth who remains eligible when the agreement expires?



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