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8.4G  TITLE IV-E, General Title IV-E Requirements, Fair Hearings

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Question 1.  
Do the regulations at 45 CFR 205.10 require fair hearings for appeals related to services as well as financial claims?

Question 2.  
Please explain the circumstances in which adoptive parents have the right to a fair hearing.

Question 3.  
Do foster parents or relative caregivers have a right to a fair hearing under section 471(a)(12) of the Social Security Act (the Act) with regard to adverse placement decisions? In particular, do the provisions for relative preference at section 471(a)(19) of the Act and an opportunity to be heard for foster parents and relative caretakers at section 475(5)(G) of the Act create fair hearing rights?

Question 4.  
Does section 471(a)(12) of the Act give prospective adoptive parents a right to the 45 CFR 205.10 fair hearings provisions with regard to pre-adoptive foster care placement issues?

Question 5.  
Is the title IV-E agency required to conduct the fair hearings mandated at section 471(a)(12) of the Social Security Act (the Act), or may it delegate the process to another agency?



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