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8.2D.3  TITLE IV-E, Adoption Assistance Program, Payments, Non-recurring expenses

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Question 1.  
Please summarize the requirements for the nonrecurring expenses of adoption.

Question 2.  
Is it possible for States to set maximum amounts on specific items within the category of nonrecurring expenses for which they will reimburse adoptive parents?

Question 3.  
States are required to reimburse up to $2,000, or such lower amount as set by the State, for the non-recurring adoption expenses of parents who adopt children with special needs. The regulations define "non-recurring adoption expenses" as reasonable and necessary adoption fees, court costs, attorney fees and other expenses which are directly related to the legal adoption of a child with special needs. "Other expenses" were defined as the costs of adoption incurred by or on behalf of the parents and for which parents carry the burden of payment, such as the adoption study, including health and psychological examinations, supervision of the placement prior to adoption, transportation and the reasonable costs of lodging and food for the child and/or the adoptive parents when necessary to complete the adoption process. Would it be possible for a State to further limit the reimburseable areas within the allowable expense category? For instance, could reimbursement be limited to attorney fees only? Or, could a State elect not to reimburse adoption study fees and transportation costs?

Question 4.  
Prospective adoptive parents sometimes have an attorney review the subsidy agreement to ensure that the parents┐ best interests are addressed. This private attorney review is in addition to the work of the State agency attorneys who prepare the subsidy paperwork. Are attorney fees and other expenses related to the review of the title IV-E adoption assistance agreement directly related to the legal adoption of a child with special needs and, therefore, allowable under title IV-E?

Question 5.  
Does the nonrecurring adoption expenses limit of $2,000 (or lower at State option) apply per adoption episode or is it a lifetime limit?

Question 6.  
Can the title IV-E agency claim Federal financial participation (FFP) for the nonrecurring expenses of adoption if the adoption is never finalized?



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