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8.3A.5  TITLE IV-E, Foster Care Maintenance Payments Program, Eligibility, Child of a minor parent

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Question 1.  
Please explain the requirements with respect to title IV-E eligibility and the case review system at section 475(5) of the Social Security Act (the Act) for a child and his/her minor parent in foster care. Specifically: Must the State have placement and care responsibility of both? Is the child considered to be in foster care even if the State does not have placement and care responsibility? May the child continue to receive IV-E if the minor parent runs away? May the State claim administrative costs for the child? Is the child eligible for medical assistance under title XIX and social services under title XX?

Question 2.  
If the child of a minor parent, who is a title IV-E recipient, has resources, such as survivor benefits, how would the resources of the infant affect his/her minor parent's eligibility for title IV-E foster care maintenance payments?

Question 3.  
Are both a teen mother and her child eligible for Federal financial participation under title IV-E if both are under the placement and care responsibility of the State and have been placed in the same foster family home? If so, would the minor child continue to be eligible for title IV-E if the court orders that the child be reunited with the teen mother?



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