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7.2  TITLE IV-B, Confidentiality

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Question 1.  
What are the title IV-B confidentiality requirements?

Question 2.  
Who can release information? In particular, can parties other than the State title IV-B agency (such as the court) release information?

Question 3.  
Do the title IV-E confidentiality requirements apply to court records of children served by the title IV-B agency?

Question 4.  
Is any information contained in the child welfare record protected from redisclosure by a court in accordance with title IV-B confidentiality requirements?

Question 5.  
Will States compromise compliance with title IV-B of the Social Security Act if they comply with the confidentiality requirements in sections 106 (b)(2)(B)(viii), (ix), and (x) of CAPTA?

Question 6.  
Some States have enacted laws that allow open courts for juvenile protection proceedings, including child in need of protection or services hearings, termination of parental rights hearings, long-term foster care hearings and in courts where dependency petitions are heard. Questions have arisen about whether courts that are open to the public and allow a verbal exchange of confidential information meet the confidentiality requirements under title IV-B. Do the confidentiality provisions for title IV-B restrict the information that can be discussed in open court?



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