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8.3C.1  TITLE IV-E, Foster Care Maintenance Payments Program, State Plan/Procedural Requirements, Case plans

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Question 1.  
45 CFR 1356.21 (g)(1) requires case plans to be developed jointly with the parent(s). What if the State is unable to locate the parent or s/he is unwilling or unable to participate in developing the plan?

Question 2.  
How long after the original placement occurs must the case plan be written? Must a new case plan be prepared each time a child moves to a new provider or is it sufficient to update the case plan for each change in placement? How often must the case plan be updated if the child remains in the same placement for several years?

Question 3.  
Must the court approve case plans?

Question 4.  
What are the title IV-E and title IV-B case plan requirements regarding health and educational records? Can the education and health records remain a part of the case record rather than be incorporated into the case plan? Can education and health records be attached to the case plan as an appendix?

Question 5.  
Section 475(1)(C) of the Social Security Act states that the case plan must include "the most recent information available" regarding the health and education records of the child. How can a State meet the requirements in order to continue eligibility for Federal financial participation (FFP) if the records are not available?

Question 6.  
Regulations at 45 CFR 1356.21(g) require that a State develop a case plan within 60 days of removal. How is the due date for development of a case plan determined for a child initially placed in a facility outside the scope of foster care (e.g., a detention facility or psychiatric hospital) prior to entering foster care?

Question 7.  
Does 475A(b) of the Social Security Act (the Act) create specific federal "rights" for youth in foster care with regard to education, health, visitation, court participation and other areas?



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