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2.2  CAPTA, Citizen Review Panels

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Question 1.  
How will States know how many citizen review panels they must establish to meet the requirements of section 106(c)(1)(A)-(B) since that number is dependent upon the amount of funds received by the State under the Community-Based Grants for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Program under Title II of CAPTA?

Question 2.  
Do States have the flexibility to determine how to implement the citizen review panels requirement in section 106(b)(2)(B)(xiv) of CAPTA?

Question 3.  
What are the functions that citizen review panels must perform?

Question 4.  
Section 106 (c)(5) of CAPTA requires States to provide citizen review panels with access to information on cases that the panel wants to review "if such information is necessary for the panel to carry out its functions". Who determines what confidential information is necessary for these functions?

Question 5.  
Do the confidentiality requirements in the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act apply to the members of citizen review panels?

Question 6.  
Must a State include families who are involved with the Child Protective Services (CPS) agency as members of its citizen review panels?



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