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5.2  MONITORING, Title IV-E Eligibility Reviews

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Question 1.  
Under what authority may the Department review closed or sealed foster care records, particularly for those children who have been adopted?

Question 2.  
Since only States, and not tribes, are reviewed, how do we assure that title IV-E eligibility requirements are met for children served by the tribes in foster care?

Question 3.  
Doesn't the requirement for the State to submit the complete payment history records for each sample case fail to comport with the regulation governing records retention at 45 CFR 74?

Question 4.  
How will the eligibility of children receiving title IV-E foster care maintenance payments where the State or tribe is operating under a IV-E waiver demonstration be reviewed?

Question 5.  
Should the review title IV-E foster care eligibility team include representatives that are external to the agency such as State foster care review board members, child advocates, etc.?

Question 6.  
For title IV-E eligibility reviews, what is the expectation for determining whether a provider is properly licensed when a child is placed in foster care in another State?

Question 7.  
When a child is placed in foster care outside the State that has placement and care responsibility, must the foster family home be licensed by the State in which it is situated for title IV-E eligibility purposes? Will it be considered an error case on a title IV-E eligibility review if a foster family home is not licensed by the State in which it is situated?



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