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7.4  TITLE IV-B, Use of Funds

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Question 1.  
May States use title IV-B funds to pay for adoptive parents to attend adoption conferences?

Question 2.  
Is foster parent insurance allowable as an administrative cost under title IV-B?

Question 3.  
There appears to be no agreement between insurers on the meaning of "liability insurance". Is the interpretation to include coverage of damages to the home or property of the foster parents as well as coverage for harm done by the child to another party, or accidental harm done by the foster parents to the child?

Question 4.  
Are educational costs for foster children eligible for reimbursement under title IV-B?

Question 5.  
Are medical expenses an allowable cost under title IV-B?

Question 6.  
May a State use its title IV-B, subpart 1 funds to pay for services to children in interstate placements?

Question 7.  
Are laptop computers purchased for caseworkers allowable as a program cost under section 436(b)(4) of the Social Security Act (the Act)?



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