Child Welfare Policy Manual

December 11, 2016

8.2B.10  TITLE IV-E, Adoption Assistance Program, Eligibility, Responsibility for placement and care

1. Question: In reference to a child who is not an "applicable child" must the State have responsibility for placement and care of a child for that child to be eligible for title IV-E adoption assistance?

(Updated 09/13/2016)

Answer: The eligibility requirements for adoption assistance in section 473 (a)(2) of the Act do not specify that the State title IV-E agency must have placement and care responsibility for a child to qualify for adoption assistance. There are some situations, however, in which the criteria dictate that a child who is not an applicable child be under the placement and care responsibility of the State agency or that of another public agency (including Tribes) with whom the State has a title IV-E agreement in order to be eligible for title IV-E adoption assistance. These are:

1) a child who is placed pursuant to a voluntary placement agreement and who must have had a title IV-E foster care maintenance payment paid on his or her behalf under the agreement, consistent with section 472(a)(2)(B) and 473(a)(2)(A)(i)(I) of the Act; and

2) a child who is eligible for title IV-E adoption assistance based upon his or her minor parent's eligibility for title IV-E foster care while in the custody of the State agency, consistent with section 473(a)(2)(A)(i)(III) of the Act.