Child Welfare Policy Manual

December 02, 2016

1.2A.2  AFCARS, Data Elements and Definitions, Adoption Specific Elements, Birth parents

1. Question: When an adoption is dissolved and the child is then re-adopted, should the State submit the information on the first adoptive (legal) parents or the birth parents?

Answer: The AFCARS report should always include information on the legal parents. Therefore, in this case, the State should submit information on the previous adoptive parents.

2. Question: What if a State has information on both the legal as well as one or more putative fathers? For whom should information be provided?

Answer: Information should be provided on the legal father; however, if a child has one or more putative fathers and a legal father is not established, the year of birth used should be that of the putative father whose parental rights were terminated last. (See: 45 CFR 1355, Appendix B, Section I, Roman Numeral IV, Question A2. Also see: Appendix D, Detailed Adoption, Element Number 17.)