Child Welfare Policy Manual

December 08, 2016

3.1  INDEPENDENT LIVING, Certifications and Requirements

1. Question: Will States need to make any specific changes in their legislation and policy to comply with the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program (CFCIP)?

Answer: States should review their laws and make changes, as appropriate, to assure consistency with the expanded purposes of the CFCIP program. We anticipate that some State policy changes will be necessary. In particular, States should look for possible legal or regulatory conflicts around age limits for services (both the removal of a lower age limit and serving youth between ages 18 and 21), age issues concerning room and board provisions, and Medicaid eligibility requirements.

2. Question: Who is considered the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the State for purposes of signing the certifications?

Answer: Section 477 (b)(3) of the Social Security Act requires the CEO of the State to certify that the State will adhere to various provisions of the program. The highest ranking official is considered the Chief Executive Officer, that is, the governor of each State and Territory and the mayor of the District of Columbia. If the governor has the legal authority under state law to delegate the responsibility to someone else and makes such a legal delegation, that person may sign the certifications for the governor.