Child Welfare Policy Manual

December 07, 2016

3.1C  INDEPENDENT LIVING, Certifications and Requirements, Coordination

1. Question: What is specifically being asked of the State regarding the coordination requirement at 477(b)(3)(F) of the Social Security Act?

Answer: The law requires each State to coordinate its Independent Living Program and services with other agencies and providers that serve youth. Programs listed in the legislation (transitional living programs, abstinence education programs, local housing programs, programs for disabled youth and school-to-work programs) must be included in the State's coordination effort; however, we encourage States to coordinate with an even broader range of youth-oriented agencies and programs such as health-related programs, local job training and employment programs, community colleges and youth shelters. Regulations at 45 CFR 1357 offer guidance on how the State must consult and coordinate with other public/private entities for the title IV-B program that might be useful to the State in implementing the CFCIP program.