Child Welfare Policy Manual

December 03, 2016

3.2D  INDEPENDENT LIVING, Data Collection, Systems Requirements

1. Question: Please provide guidance on the Federal funding sources States may use to pay for the costs related to the NYTD and whether title IV-E reimbursement is available for States that do not incorporate NYTD functionality into their Statewide automated child welfare information systems (SACWIS).

Answer: A State may use Chafee Foster Care Independence Program (CFCIP) funds for any and all costs associated with implementing the NYTD. A State with a SACWIS must incorporate NYTD information collection and reporting activities related to children in foster care into their SACWIS and may claim such information system costs as administrative costs under title IV-E pursuant to section 474(a)(3)(C) and (D) of the Social Security Act to the extent they are allowable and consistent with a State's advanced planning document (APD) and cost allocation plan (45 CFR 1355.50 - 1355.57 and 1356.60(e)).

A State may not claim reimbursement under title IV-E for NYTD information system costs that are not incorporated into an approved APD for a SACWIS. The authority to claim information systems costs under title IV-E in 45 CFR 1356.60(d) is limited to collecting and reporting data necessary to meet the AFCARS requirements in 45 CFR 1355.40 and those necessary for the proper and efficient administration of the title IV-E State plan and not the CFCIP plan (See 73 FR 10361).