Child Welfare Policy Manual

October 22, 2016


1. Question: Will all expenditures of Chafee funds require a match?

Answer: Yes. Section 474(a)(4) of the Social Security Act has been amended to make payments to the State at 80 percent of the total amount expended by the State. Therefore, a 20 percent State match is required. Federal reimbursement ends once the State expends its allotted amount.

2. Question: Can in-kind expenditures related to room and board for qualified youth be used as State match just like any other in-kind expenditure or will there be limitations on in-kind expenditures for room and board?

Answer: The current Chafee Foster Care Independence Program will continue to follow the regulations at 45 CFR Part 92, Uniform Administrative Requirements for State and Local Governments. These regulations define in-kind match, its uses and its prohibitions. When "room and board" was not allowed, those expenditures could not to be used for matching purposes. Now that "room and board" is allowed, such expenditures may be used as a match.

3. Question: How much of the State's funds for "room and board" can be used as matching funds?

Answer: The State can use any amount of its "room and board" expenditures to meet the State match requirements.

  • Source/Date: Questions and Answers on the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program
  • Legal and Related References: Social Security Act - section 474(c)(4)
4. Question: Private agencies have stepped forward to offer CFCIP training at no cost to the State. Can the State use private agency provided training as its State match?

Answer: There are two types of training offered pursuant to Chafee, each with different match requirements.

Section 477(b)(3)(D) requires training for foster and adoptive parents, case managers and workers in group homes on topics and issues confronting adolescents preparing for independent living to conform to section 474(a)(3)(A) and (B) of the Social Security Act. Longstanding Federal policy prohibits third party, in-kind contributions from qualifying as the State share under Federal matching requirements for the title IV-E program.

The second category of training under CFCIP is for youth who are participating in the program. Training provided to these youth is a service within the purposes of section 477 of the Act. The match requirements for section 477 are codified at 45 CFR 92.24 and permit the use of third party, in- kind contributions.

  • Source/Date: 7/25/02
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