Child Welfare Policy Manual

December 10, 2016

3.5D  Administrative Costs

1. Question: Can a State claim the administrative costs under the title IV-E Foster Care program (section 474(a)(3) of the Social Security Act (the Act)) for implementing the Educational and Training Voucher program?

Answer: No. Only costs that are closely related to the administration of the title IV-E foster care maintenance payments or adoption assistance programs may be claimed under section 474(a)(3) of the Act.

2. Question: Can Chafee voucher program funds be used to pay for staffing?

Answer: Yes. States may use funds from the voucher program to pay for the salaries, expenses and training of staff who administer the State's voucher program. States must properly allocate costs to all benefiting programs, and the allocation of such costs must be included in the State?s approved cost allocation plan.