Child Welfare Policy Manual

December 04, 2016

8.2  TITLE IV-E, Adoption Assistance Program

1. Question: Can a State suspend or reduce a title IV-E adoption assistance subsidy if the adoptive parents fail to renew or recertify the adoption assistance agreement?

Answer: No. It is incumbent upon adoptive parents to keep the State informed of material changes that might impact the parent?s support, but a State cannot reduce or suspend adoption assistance if the adoptive parents fail to reply to the State?s request for information, renewal or recertification of the agreement. Once an eligible child is receiving title IV-E adoption assistance pursuant to an agreement, adoption assistance continues until either the adoptive parents concur to a change or one of the statutory conditions are met for termination of the assistance (section 473(a)(4) of the Social Security Act and Child Welfare Policy Manual Section 8.2B.9 Q/A #2). Therefore, suspensions or reductions in a title IV-E adoption assistance payment are not permitted without the concurrence of the adoptive parents under section 473(a)(3) of the Act .