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9.2 TRIBES/INDIAN TRIBAL ORGANIZATIONS, Application of Title IV-E Eligibility Requirements

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Question Number 5:
02/22/2007 - Current
QuestionMay a State establish and implement a policy that limits foster care maintenance payments and child welfare services for Indian children to only those who are title IV-E eligible?
Answer*No. Not in the use of Federal funds. A State may not establish and implement policy that treats one group of children differently from another on the basis of ethnicity or race or that categorically excludes Indian children from benefits in the administration of any Federally assisted program. Such a policy is discriminatory and is in conflict with the provisions of title VI of the Civil Rights Act.

States and Tribes receiving title IV-B child welfare services funds have the flexibility and discretion to allocate these and other resources within the context of a total child welfare services plan. A child welfare services plan, however, may not be designed or implemented in such a way as to discriminate against any group based on race, age, or ethnicity, either directly or through geographic or other proximate exclusions.

Source/DateACYF-CB-PIQ-88-02 (1/27/88)
Legal and Related References*Social Security Act - sections 422, 428 and 472; 25 CFR 20.3