Disaster Recovery & Response Efforts

When you think of an emergency, naturally FEMA or Red Cross come to mind.  However, ACF, plays a critical role in emergency preparedness, response and recovery efforts.  Primarily through the Office of Human Services, Emergency Preparedness and Response (OHSEPR),  we work with ACF-supported human services programs and grantees to ensure continuity of service delivery, improve outcomes for client populations, and meet surge requirements for new disaster-caused needs.  Other ACF programs, like Early Childhood Development, Head Start, and Child Care, play vital roles in helping children, families, and communities bounce back following a disaster.


Following Hurricane Katrina, the White House recommended that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) coordinate with other departments of the Executive Branch, State governments and non-governmental organizations to develop a robust, comprehensive, and integrated system to deliver human services during disasters. In 2006, the Secretary of Health and Human Services tasked ACF to coordinate with other HHS agencies to develop this capacity.

Disaster Response & Recovery Efforts

Emergency Preparedness, Response & Recovery Resources

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