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About Rescue & Restore Coalitions

Published: August 17, 2012
Public Awareness
Campaign Materials

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A critical element of the Rescue & Restore campaign is the development of national and local coalitions who will help to implement the campaign on the ground in communities across the country.



Coalition partners include:

  • Local government
  • Civic groups
  • Churches
  • Ethnic/Immigrant groups
  • Women's organizations
  • Labor organizations
  • Immigration organizations
  • Community health providers
  • Faith-based organizations and other non-profits
  • Social service organizations

Coalition partners will disseminate campaign information and resources to intermediaries who may come in contact with victims of trafficking to inform them of the services available to victims in their communities. Rescue & Restore coalition partners also have access to effective communications and outreach strategies for identifying and interacting with victims of human trafficking.

Action Steps for Coalition Partners

The primary goal of the Rescue & Restore campaign is to raise public awareness of the issue of human trafficking. Victims of human trafficking are camouflaged -- by sophisticated and often innocent-seeming techniques – from people they may encounter on a daily or random basis. In the weeks and months ahead, new and better methods of detecting, reassuring and rescuing these victims will be developed. For now, partners of the Rescue & Restore campaign coalition can help us achieve this goal by implementing any or all of the following action steps:

  • Include information about trafficking, its victims and perpetrators in organization newsletters, on websites and through other communication vehicles
  • Provide orientation and training sessions, or join with other organizations, including nonprofits, in hosting information forums on the trafficking problem and the fresh national resolve to counter it
  • Request and disseminate, both internally and in appropriate public places, posters, brochures and other materials now being produced and distributed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Take part in a new national network that has been established by Capital City Partners to keep local organizations and their members abreast of developments in the awareness campaign as well as ways to address the trafficking challenge
  • Encourage other organizations, and health and law enforcement officials with whom you come in contact, to access the growing body of information and resources available to rescue and restore the victims of this hideous trade in human beings
Last Reviewed: December 3, 2015