ACF Announces Budget Request for FY 2015

The ACF Congressional Budget Justification outlines ACF's funding request and priorities to Congress for the upcoming fiscal year 2015. ACF Congressional Budget Justifications (CJ) are submitted annually to the Congress, specifically to the Appropriations Subcommittees for the Legislative Branch. The CJ provides important information about ACF's programs, projects, and activities, organizational performance targets relating to the HHS Strategic Plan, and the resources needed to achieve ACF's performance goals. The CJ includes information about three concurrent fiscal years; the prior year, the current year, and the (upcoming) request year. Prior and current year funding levels usually reflect actual amounts enacted in annual appropriations, whereas the request year represents what ACF is requesting in funding support from Congress.

View the FY 2015 Congressional Budget Justification - All pages (8.09 MB)

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