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Information for New Grantees

Published: August 29, 2012
Grantee Resources
Informational Sheet
Funds Draw Down, Grant Amendement, Grant Management, Grantee Contacts, Notice of Grant Award, Terms and Conditions

Grantee Contacts:

ANA Program Specialist

The primary function of an ANA program specialist is to assist grantees in implementing their Objective Work Plans (OWPs) and successfully completing their projects on time, within budget, and in compliance of federal regulations.  Program specialists are also responsible for monitoring grant progress by reviewing quarterly reports and maintaining contact with grantees.  Each ANA program specialist has a portfolio of grantees with whom he or she works, and is a grantee’s primary contact person regarding their ANA project.

You should contact your program specialist when you:

  • want or need to make changes to your project such as grant amendments, personnel changes, budget modifications, carry-over of funds from one year to the next, or no-cost extensions to determine if the modification requires an official action; you may not make certain modifications to your project without authorized approval.
  • would like to request technical assistance (either electronic or on-site).
  • have questions on what can or cannot be done within federal and ANA rules and regulations.
  • have questions about your quarterly Objective Progress Reports (OPRs).
  • have questions regarding how to track or monitor your project’s progress.
  • have success stories you would like to share with ANA.

Office of Grants Management (OGM) Specialist

Your grants management specialist in the Office of Grants Management (OGM) is here to help you with the financial management of your project.  The OGM specialist is also the person to whom you must send all original documents for grant reporting requirements.  The NOA letter identifies the grants management specialist assigned to your project; if you cannot determine who your OGM specialist is, your ANA program specialist can provide that information upon request.

Getting Your Grant Funds:

The Division of Payment Management (DPM) handles the funding draw down process for all ANA grantees.  DPM will send each grantee a separate packet with information on how to establish an account to draw funds in PMS/Smartlink. The packet includes:

  • The grantee’s Payee Identification Number (PIN)
  • A Direct Deposit Sign Up form (SF-1199A)
  • A grantee training CD
  • A Primary Contact Person form

To set up a DPM account:

  1. Complete the SF-1199A and Primary Contact Person forms
  2. Return both forms to the designated Account Liaison
  3. The Account Liaison will then provide the grantee with a temporary password for PMS/Smartlink access via certified mail

Funds can be transferred electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.  The grantee recipient must access the DPM website in order to draw federal funds in PMS/Smartlink.  The transaction is processed online and funds are electronically deposited directly into the grantee’s account.  For information on other payment options, please contact your Account Liaison.

Contact DPM:

Payment Management System (PMS) Help Desk:  877-614-5533
Email:  PMSSupport@psc.gov

You can also submit a ticket on-line and access more services using the Self-Help Web Portal.