2012 HUD Peer to Peer Homeless Provider Conference

ACF IORA staff worked a resource table, served on a panel and gave a presentation entitled “Accessing Mainstream Resources” at a 2012 HUD Peer to Peer Homeless Provider Conference in Springfield, IL, September 11-12.

HHS staff (and grantees) have participated in prior conferences, sharing resources, including healthcare for homeless programs, and runaway/homeless youth programs.

The objective was to bring together all the homeless providers in the State of Illinois to share their knowledge and experience in dealing with homelessness in Illinois.

Some of the workshops were: Homeless Veteran Program Resources, Meeting the Needs of Homeless Youth, Outreach and Engagement, HUD Program Compliance, Planning to End Homelessness Update, Bed Bugs-What You Need to Know, and Accessing Mainstream Resources.

The conference was a success and we look forward to participating next year.