Domestic Workers Photo Exhibition

4:00 PM EST
The Ives Main Library at 133 Elm Street, New Haven CT

Opening Exhibit of the Domestic Workers Photo Project

Domestic Workers are highlighted in special exhibit at the New Haven Free Public Library

(New Haven, CT) On the heels of a highly successful public hearing for HB5527- An Act Concerning a Domestic Worker Bill of Rights on March 13, an exhibit of the Domestic Workers Photo Project will kick off on Wednesday, March 19th at 6 pm at the Ives Main Library at 133 Elm Street in downtown New Haven with an opening reception with newly elected Senator Gary Holder-Winfield expected to be in attendance. 

The Domestic Workers Photo Project features actual domestic workers in Connecticut who clean houses, care for children and the elderly so that their employers can go out and earn living.   Domestic workers function in an industry that is not regulated and their working conditions and the exploitation they encounter are hidden from public view.  This photo exhibit brings into public view the real women who perform this work and puts a real face on these women who often work unnoticed behind closed doors.

More than 42,000 nannies, home-care workers and house-cleaners keep Connecticut's economy running by providing critical domestic support. This critical yet undervalued workforce has been left to work without many basic legal protections. Domestic workers help ensure the stability of Connecticut families and help contribute to the Connecticut economy.  In short, domestic work makes all other work possible.

"The Domestic Workers Photo Project highlights the women who will benefit from a much-needed Domestic Worker Bill of Rights in Connecticut.  The Photo Project seeks to give dignity and respect to these women and their very important profession " said Nelli Altamirano, a caregiver from Bridgeport, CT.

Natalicia Tracy, a former nanny, is the Executive Director of the Brazilian Immigrant Center and member of the Board of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. "I have spent most of my life taking care of children, supporting the elderly, and cleaning houses," said Ms. Tracy. "The Domestic Worker Photo Project shows the real women who are doing this work and serves to help raise the public consciousness of the inherent value and dignity of domestic work in the state of Connecticut."