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ACF-801 Online Help - Element 28

Total Hours of Child Care During the Month

Published: March 28, 2016
Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Reporting


The number of hours of subsidized child care a child received during the report month, rounded to the nearest whole number.

Data Standards


Always required

Out of Range

1 hour up to (12 times the number of days in reporting month)

Internal Inconsistency

No internal consistency standard.

Field Size


Format (NNN)



Enter the number indicating the total number of service hours provided in the reporting period (round to the nearest whole number and use leading zeros as necessary). For example, September has 30 days, so the maximum acceptable total hours of child care for that month would be 12 x 30 = 360.

Grantees have some discretion regarding how they calculate the hours of service being provided. Grantees may report Actual clock hours or Actual Blocked Hours Based on Attendance of child care services that were provided. These hours are based on attendance or payment records. Alternatively, grantees may report Authorized Clock Hours or Authorized Blocked hours. When using actual or authorized Blocked Hours, the Lead Agency should report the upper threshold of the range of hours within each defined block. Regardless of the type of hours reported. Hours should be based on real numbers retrieved from one of the CCDF grantee’s child care data systems. Calculations should not be averages.

Note that a zero is used for a specific reason; for “unknown/not reported” use a blank or space.

A FOOTNOTE is required to explain the way hours are calculated for the report.

Last Reviewed: April 8, 2016