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Attachment B – List of Assurances and CertificationS


Published: October 11, 2013
Program Administration

The Tribal Lead Agency is designated by the Tribe (or Tribal consortium) to represent the Tribe (or Tribal organization).

The Tribal Lead Agency agrees to follow the Federal laws and regulations that apply to the CCDF program and to follow this Plan, when approved, including the following assurances and certifications.

The Tribal Lead Agency assures that:

  1. Upon approval, it will have in effect a program that complies with the provisions of the Plan printed herein, and is administered in accordance with the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 1990 as amended, Section 418 of the Social Security Act, and all other applicable Federal laws and regulations. (658D(b), 658E(a), 98.15(a)(1))
  2. The parent(s) of each eligible child within the Tribe or Tribal service area who receives or is offered child care services for which financial assistance is provided is given the option either to enroll such child with a child care provider that has a grant or contract for the provision of the service or to receive a child care certificate. (658E(c)(2)(A)(i), 98.2, 98.30, 98.15(a)(2)) [Exempt Tribal Lead Agencies are not required to operate certificate programs.]
  3. In cases in which the parent(s) elect(s) to enroll the child with a provider that has a grant or contract with the Tribal Lead Agency, the child will be enrolled with the eligible provider selected by the parent to the maximum extent practicable. (658E(c)(2)(A)(ii), 98.15(a)(3),98.30)
  4. The child care certificate offered to parents shall be of a value commensurate with the subsidy value of child care services provided under a grant or contract. (658E(c)(2)(A)(iii), 98.15(a)(4), 98.30) [Exempt Tribal Lead Agencies are not required to operate certificate programs.]
  5. The Tribe, or Tribal consortium, will coordinate, to the maximum extent feasible, with the Tribal Lead Agency(ies) in the State(s) in which the child care programs or activities will be carried out. (98.12, 98.14(a)&(b), 98.81(b)(3)(i), 98.82)
  6. Tribal Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) programs and activities will be carried out for the benefit of Indian children on an Indian reservation (except for Programs located in Alaska, California, or Oklahoma). (98.81(b)(3)(ii), 98.83(b))
  7. With respect to State and local regulatory requirements (or Tribal regulatory requirements), health and safety requirements, payment rates, and registration requirements, State or local (or Tribal) rules, procedures or other requirements promulgated for the purpose of the CCDF will not significantly restrict parental choice from among categories of care or types of providers. (658E(c)(2)(A), 98.15(a)(5), 98.15(p), 98.30(e)&(f), 98.40(b)(2), 98.41(b), 98.43(d), 98.45(d))

The Tribal Lead Agency certifies that:

  1. It has procedures in place to ensure that providers of child care services for which assistance is provided under the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) afford parents unlimited access to their children and to the providers caring for their children during the normal hours of operations and whenever such children are in the care of such providers. (658E(c)(2)(B), 98.15(b)(1), 98.31)
  2. It maintains a record of substantiated parental complaints and makes information regarding such complaints available to the public on request. (658E(c)(2)(C), 98.15(b)(2), 98.32)
  3. It will collect and disseminate to parents of eligible children and the general public, consumer education information that will promote informed child care choices. (658E(c)(2)(D), 98.15(b)(3), 98.33)
  4. There are licensing requirements in effect that are applicable to child care services provided within the area served by the Tribal Lead Agency pursuant to 98.40. (98.15(b)(4), 98.40)
  5. There are—under Tribal, local, or State law—requirements in effect designed to protect the health and safety of children; these requirements are applicable to child care providers that provide services for which assistance is made available under the CCDF. (658E(c)(2)(F), 98.15(b)(5), 98.41)
  6. Procedures are in effect to ensure that child care providers that provide services for which assistance is provided under the CCDF comply with all applicable health and safety requirements. (658E(c)(2)(G), 98.15(b)(6), 98.41)
  7. Payment rates under the CCDF for the provision of child care services will be sufficient to ensure equal access for eligible children to comparable child care services in the Tribe or Tribal service area that are provided to children whose parents are not eligible to receive assistance under this program or under any other Federal or State child care assistance programs. (658E(c)(4)(A), 98.15(b)(7), 98.43)
  8. By the end of each three-year funding period (expenditure period for each Federal fiscal year’s grant funding), the Tribe must have expenditures that are equal to grant funds received for that fiscal year. (98.67(c))


CCDF Regulations 45 CFR §98.13(b)(2)-(6) require the following certifications.

  1. Assurance of compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: http://www.hhs.gov/forms/HHS690.pdf
  2. Certification regarding debarment:  http://www.acf.hhs.gov/grants/certification-regarding-debarment-suspe...
  3. HHS certification regarding drug-free workplace requirements: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/grants/certification-regarding-drug-free-workplace-requirements
  4. Certification of Compliance with the Pro-Children Act of 1994: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/grants/certification-regarding-environmental-t...

These certifications were obtained in the previous approved Plan and need not be collected again if there has been no change in the Tribal Lead Agency. If there has been a change in the Tribal Lead Agency, these certifications must be completed and submitted with the Plan. New Tribal Lead Agencies must submit all required Certifications.