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Technical Bulletin #1r-v3

Child Care and Development Fund: ACF-800 State-Level Data Standards, Revised June 2010, Reviewed June 2011

Published: June 1, 2011
Technical Assistance
ACF-800, States/Territories
Technical Bulletins
Current Guidance, Pooling Factor

Please Note: This Technical Bulletin is no longer current guidance. It has been archived and is provided only for reference. Please refer to the Current list of Technical Bulletins for up-to-date information.

This Technical Bulletin lists the data standards for the Child Care and Development Fund Annual ACF-800 Report. The Report, which is submitted by States and Territories to the Office of Child Care, includes key State-level data required by the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act, as amended. Along with the instructions to the ACF-800 Report, the data standards described here serve as the principal guidance to be used in developing the report and identifying possible errors in the data. The submitting State or Territory should correct data that fail to meet these data standards. This update reflects recent changes made to the report including:

Addition of the pre-kindergarten information (previously required on the ACF-801 report);

  • Refinement of the consumer education data elements;
  • Collapse of the answer categories associated with identification of non-CCDF funds in the total funding pool from ten to six choices, and,
  • Clarification of the ACF-800 instructions regarding the pooling factor and other data elements.

Although the data elements on the updated form remain in nearly the same order as the previous form, the numbering has changed.