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Technical Bulletin #9r-v3

Using the ACF-801 Data Assessment Report, Reviewed August 2014

Published: August 1, 2014
Technical Assistance
ACF-801, States/Territories
Technical Bulletins
Current Guidance

This Technical Bulletin describes how to use the Summary Data Assessment Report (Summary Report or SAR).  Designated staff in States and Territories automatically receive this report via e-mail after their ACF-801 case-level data have been submitted to the Office of Child Care (OCC) and processed in the Office of Child Care Information System (OCCIS).   In May 2012, OCC revised the ACF-801 report to include new quality-related data elements. This bulletin has been updated to reflect the new checks in place when grantees began reporting the new data elements in October 2013.

The Summary Report assists States and Territories in correcting data submissions by providing information about potential data or submission errors.  This report serves as just one tool that grantees can use to ensure that complete and accurate CCDF program information is submitted to OCC.  The data submitted will be reported to Congress by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, used in national child care research, and may serve as the basis for programmatic decisions at the Federal and State level.  Thus, it is important that States and Territories submit accurate and complete data.