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AFI Brochure Building Assets for Fathers and Families

Helping families in the child support system

Published: April 5, 2012
Assets for Independence (AFI)
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Building Assets for Fathers and Families 

Helping families in the child support systemBuilding Assets for Fathers and Families

Child support plays an important role in the finances of many families, both for the custodial parents or other family members caring for children who receive payments, and for the noncustodial parents (usually fathers) who pay child support. Both can benefit greatly from financial education and from access to asset building tools such as Individual Development Accounts (IDAs).

This section will highlight ways child support agencies and AFI project staff can collaborate to make IDAs and asset building strategies available for custodial and noncustodial parents, their children, and other family members, and to help them succeed. It provides information on key aspects of the child support system for AFI projects, and also provides information about asset building for child support agencies and fatherhood programs.

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How Asset Building and Child Support Agencies will Benefit from Partnering: