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SCF IM #1 About the National Resource Center

Published: May 13, 2011
Strengthening Communities Fund (SCF)
Guidance, Policies, Procedures, Information Memorandums (IM)

 Please note that funds were not appropriated for the Compassion Capital and Strengthening Communities Fund Programs. Therefore, the Administration for Children and Families will not hold additional competition or award new grants for this program.



The National Resource Center provided program management and administrative support to the Strengthening Communities Fund (SCF) program office. The National Resource Center (NRC) helped ensure that organizations that were awarded grants under the SCF Program were able to fully meet the objectives and goals of their award and appropriately manage their grant.

The NRC performed the following functions:

Served as a repository and distribution center for information, tools, and resources needed by SCF intermediary grantees, sub-awardees and other nonprofits to improve their organizational capacity, knowledge, and skills and assist with their programmatic and grant management.
Provided training and technical assistance to SCF-funded intermediary organizations.
Supported oversight and tracks major activities performed under the SCF program by intermediary organizations.

Resources For Nonprofits:

• Useful Tools
The National Resource Center created a comprehensive series of capacity-building materials available to the public at http://www.strengtheningnonprofits.org.