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SCF Fact Sheet FY 2011

Published: August 1, 2012
Strengthening Communities Fund (SCF)
About, Fact Sheet

All federal funds are contingent upon annual budgetary Congressional approval. Please note that funds were not appropriated for the Compassion Capital and Strengthening Communities Fund Programs. Therefore, the Administration for Children and Families will not hold additional competition or award new grants for this program.

Legislative Authority

The Strengthening Communities Fund (SCF) was authorized under Section 1110 of the Social Security Act governing Social Services Research and Demonstration activities; Title VIII of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Public Law (P.L.) 111-5.

Program Focus

The objective of the Strengthening Communities Fund (SCF) was to enable nonprofit organizations to contribute to the economic recovery and help Federal, State, local, and Indian/Native American Tribal governments ensure that the information and services described in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) reach disadvantaged and hard-to-serve populations. The Strengthening Communities Fund (SCF) supported two capacity building grant programs. Capacity building activities were designed to increase project partners' sustainability and effectiveness, enhance their ability to provide social services, create collaborations to better serve those in need, and to increase the partners’ ability to address the broad economic recovery issues present in their communities.

Grant Programs

SCF was made up of two separate grant programs.

  • Nonprofit Capacity Building Program: The SCF Nonprofit Capacity Building program made one-time awards up to $1 million to 35 experienced lead organizations to provide nonprofit organizations -- or project partners -- with capacity building training, technical assistance, and competitive financial assistance.  Grantees were required to provide a minimum of 55% of the Federal funds awarded to project partners through a competitive process.  The grant period for this award was 24 months.
  • State, Local, and Tribal Government Capacity Building Program: The SCF State, Local, and Tribal Government Capacity  Building program made one-time awards up to $250,000 to 49 State, city, county, and Indian/Native American Tribal government offices (e.g., offices responsible for outreach to faith-based and community organizations or those interested in initiating such an effort), or their designees, to build the capacity of nonprofit faith-based and community organizations to better serve those in need and to increase nonprofit organizations' involvement in the economic recovery.  Grantees used program funds to provide free capacity building services to nonprofit organizations and to build their own capacity to provide such services to nonprofits.  The grant period for this award was 24 months.

Program Results To Date

For the period ending 6/30/2011, SCF grantees had reported the following results.

    Funds provided to neighborhood organizations: $16,496,402

    Capacity building training provided: 11,174 hours

    Neighborhood organizations trained: 12,899 organizations

    Technical assistance provided: 58,019 hours

    Individual organizational goals completed: 5,370 goals

Through the end of June 2011, the SCF program had expended $39 million in Recovery Act dollars.