Bethany House of Laredo

Name of Grantee: Bethany House of Laredo


Federal Project Officer:
James Butler
(202) 401-9284

Grants Management Specialist:
Ms. Maria Clifford
(202) 401-6413

Point of Contact:
Ms. Barbara Kazen, Board President
(956) 722-4152 ext. 24
819 Hidalgo St.
Laredo, TX  78040

Federal Award Amount: $230,000

Program Name: Bethany House of Laredo

Project Period: 9/30/2010 - 2/29/2012

Organization Description:  Bethany House of Laredo is a coordinating agency designed to provide food, shelter, and transportation services to the homeless, disabled, indigent and veterans while connecting them to case management and supportive services to facilitate their return to the social mainstream. 

Program Summary:  The mission of Bethany House of Laredo is to provide hot meals free of charge for the homeless, disabled, indigent and veterans; to provide shelter for the homeless and to maintain a clothing center providing free clean clothes for the homeless, indigent school children and families in crisis. Bethany House services are all delivered in the Webb County area and within the City of Laredo. Below list some of the primary services to the homeless population:         

  • On site meals to an average of 2,200 meals daily.
  • Meal delivery to children’s programs, at-risk homeless children, and homeless children living in transitional housing.
  • Emergency shelter, Transitional Housing, and Resource Center.
  • Emergency shelter grants.
  • Transportation to and from supportive services.
  • Case management.
  • Substance abuse treatment, mental health, medical, education, and employment training programs.

Bethany House was founded over 28 years ago and continues to seek new and improved ways to offer and maintain its essential supportive services to reintegrate the homeless population to the workforce and access to social and medical services.