Connecticut Council of Family Services Agencies (CCFSA)

Name of Grantee: Connecticut Council of Family Services Agencies (CCFSA)

Federal Project Officer:
Paul Maiers

(202) 401-5438

Grants Management Specialist:
Abangolee Caulcrick 

(202) 401-4046

Point of Contact:
Mr. Douglas Larson, 
Executive Director

(860) 571-0118

Federal Award Amount: $200,000

Program Name: The “Family Development Network”

Project Period: 9/30/2010 - 2/29/2012

Organization Description:  CCFSA is a not-profit (501c3) is a statewide network of 17 independent, private, non-profits, state licensed, and national accredited family services committed to strengthening Connecticut’s families and communities.. The CCFSA operates statewide in communities throughout the State of Connecticut.    

Program Summary:  The council impacts over 150,000 families statewide on an annual bases. The council extends into 17 communities throughout the State of Connecticut offering a range of services to children, youth, adults and their families. The council currently provides the Parent Education Program, a court mandated services to support families in court proceedings and the Focus on Kids, a strategy designed to assist divorced parents develop skills to support child well-being. These programs have proven successful in helping families deal effectively with disruption, stabilization and other family supports. The council has developed a statewide Family Development Network to improve supports to all families. The project will expand and enhance existing programs resources by identifying gaps in parent supports and family stabilization services. The project plans to achieve the following goal:

  1. Increase capacity throughout Connecticut to support parents;
  2. Provide DVD’s to accommodate multiple learning styles of PEP participants; and
  3. Provide training to 75 to 100 council member agency staff to strengthen skills in working with and supporting families.