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TANF-ACF-PI-2008-07 (Form ACF-199, TANF Data Report, and Form ACF-209, SSP-MOE Data Report, Approved by the Office of Management and Budget through 09/30/2011 (OMB Control Number 0970-0199))

Published: July 24, 2008
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Data Collection and Reporting, TANF Data Reporting Systems
Program Instructions (PI)
45 CFR Part 265


State Agencies Administering the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program and other Interested Parties


Form ACF-199, TANF Data Report, and Form ACF-209, SSP-MOE Data Report, Approved by the Office of Management and Budget through 09/30/2011 (OMB Control Number 0970-0199)


Section 411 of the Social Security Act and 45 CFR Part 265


The purpose of this program instruction is to provide State agencies with the TANF Data Report (TDR) form and related instructions and the SSP-MOE Data Report (SDR) form and related instructions that are effective for fiscal year 2009 and thereafter.


The provisions of the SSA and 45 CFR Part 265, cited above, require States to collect on a monthly basis and report data to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services on a quarterly basis.  These data include disaggregated case record information on the families receiving assistance, families no longer receiving assistance and families applying for assistance from programs funded with TANF funds and on its separate State programs for which the State claims “maintenance-of-effort” expenditures.  A State may comply with these requirements by collecting and submitting case record information for its entire caseload or by collecting and submitting the case record information for a portion of the caseload which is obtained through the use of scientifically acceptable sampling methods.

YThe Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 modified the Social Security Act in a number of ways.  The Department issued final TANF rules, 75 Federal Register p. 6772 et. Seq. February 5, 2008, to reflect these changes.  The TANF Data Report and the SSP-MOE data Report were modified to capture additional data to comply with the changes in the new final TANF rules.  The following section one data elements are changed from the prior reports:

(1) Waiver Evaluation Experimental and Control Group [TDR #27 and SDR-25] is no longer in use; (2) Is the TANF Family Exempt from the Federal Five-Year Time Limit [TDR-28], codes 5, 10, and 11 are no longer in use; (3) Work-Eligible Individual Indicator [TDR-48 and SDR-41] was modified to reflect the new definition; (4) Work Participation Status [TDR-49 and SDR-42] codes 3 and 4 no longer in use; (5) For each of the unpaid work activities [TDR – 53 and 55-61 and SDR- 46 and 48-54) two sub elements were added to capture the average hours per week in the report month for Holidays and Excused Absences; (6) Additional Work Activities Permitted Under Waiver Demonstration [TDR-62 and SDR-55] in the prior approved TANF report was deleted; (7) Required Hours of Work Under Waiver Demonstration [TDR-64 and SDR-57] in the prior approved TANF report was deleted; (8) Other Work Activities [TDR-63 and SDR-56] in the prior approved TANF report were moved to TDR-62 and SDR-55 respectively; (9) Added [as new TDR-63 and new SDR-56] Deemed Core Hours per week for the Overall Rate; (10) Added [as new TDR-64 and new SDR-57] Deemed Core Hours for the Two-Parent Rate; and (11) Has the Family Received Assistance Under a State TANF Program Within the Past Six Months [SDR-10] was modified to identify families that received TANF both in the report month or in the past six months but not in the report month.  There were no changes to Sections 2, 3, and 4 of the TDR and SDR. 

In addition to the above changes in data elements, we have changed guidance information related to the work activities to conform to changes in the definitions and policies in the final rule.


Effective with the October – December 2008 quarter, State agencies must establish new reporting procedures to implement changes in the TANF final rules for fiscal year 2009 and thereafter.


Reports for each sample month in a quarter are due in Central Office of the Administration for Children and Families within 45 days following the end of the quarter.  The first quarterly TDR report and, if applicable, the first quarterly SSP-MOE Data Report under the new final TANF rule, are due February 14, 2009.  States must file these reports electronically.  ACF will issue an Informational Memorandum to provide States with the edits and transmission file layouts for submittal of the TDR and the SSP-MOE Data Report.


October 1, 2008


Form ACF-199, TANF Data Report and Form ACF-209, SSP-MOE Data Report.


Inquires should be directed to the appropriate ACF TANF Regional Program Manager.



Sidonie Squier
Office of Family Assistance