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Q & A: TANF Data Report (TDR) -- Section Two

TANF Reporting Questions

Published: June 27, 2012
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Data Collection and Reporting
TANF Program Policy Questions and Answers

TANF Data Report - Section Two


Q1: Is it correct to assume that we are to report information on closed cases only for the first month of closure?

A1: Yes.

Q2: Data element #9 (Reason for Closure): What is the proper coding if a case is closed because of earnings and the individual is employed? Is there a need for a further breakout of code "1"?

A2: For now, we plan to use this single code. We may want to look at these codes again at some future date.

Q3: Data element #9 (Reason for Closure): States want a code to identify closed cases when a State closes a group of cases to transfer them to a Tribal TANF or Tribal New program.

A3: We will modify the coding in order to identify families closed for TANF because they are being served in a Tribal TANF or Tribal New program.