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Q & A: SSP MOE Data Report

TANF Reporting Questions

Published: June 27, 2011
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Data Collection and Reporting, SSP-MOE
TANF Program Policy Questions and Answers

SSP MOE Data Report


Q1: In its separate State program, a State has participation requirements, but not expressed as hourly requirements. How does it deal with the portions of the form (i.e., data elements 42-56) that seek information concerning hours of participation in specified activities? If it fails to specify this information, would we determine that it failed to submit a complete report? Would such a determination have an adverse effect on its eligibility for a caseload reduction credit?

A1: A State should make every effort to complete items 42 through 54 and 56 by converting the participation to hourly figures as best it can. If the activities do not fit the ones specified in those items, it should enter the converted hours in item 55. If a State is truly unable to convert participation to an average number of hours per week, it should leave those items blank. Under these limited circumstances, failure to complete that portion of the form would not affect its eligibility for a caseload reduction credit.

States should be reminded that we intend to generate a work participation rate for separate State programs; therefore, it is important to complete this section of the form if at all possible. Although work participation is not a requirement under a SSP, we will assess the extent to which States that moved two-parent families into SSPs are involving the parents in work activities.