CASTLE (Child Abuse Services, Training & Life Enrichment): Strong Fathers/Strong Families Project

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During his incarceration in Florida’s St. Lucie County Jail, John completed a total of 12 fatherhood classes as part of his participation in the Strong Fathers/Strong Families Project. The program taught John that his responsibilities toward his children go beyond discipline and financial support. While John was participating in the program, he spoke many times about the struggles he and his wife had raising their two children. He expressed frustration with the fact that he and his spouse were often on “different pages” when it came to discipline and other parenting issues.

While John was incarcerated, the Strong Fathers/Strong Families program provided services for his family. Although his wife was unable to attend the program’s Mothers’ Group because of transportation issues, the family was able to receive in-home parenting education. The family’s in-home counselor addressed family reunification problems and age-appropriate parenting behaviors, while John’s children received counseling and other support services.  An early release from jail made it possible for John to participate in most of the in-home parenting education component.

Both John and his wife say they don’t know what they would have done without CASTLE. The program made their family stronger, they assert.  Their children also express positive feelings about their involvement, and one declares that she is “so happy my parents don’t yell at each other or at us anymore.” The program will continue to support John and his wife through the family reunification process as their enhanced knowledge and skills empower them to develop a nurturing home environment. 

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