Elizabeth’s New Life Center (ENLC) in Dayton Ohio – The Marriage Works! Ohio project

The Elizabeth’s New Life Center in Dayton, Ohio serves the southwest Ohio region by working to resolve problems associated with unplanned pregnancies between unmarried couples.  ENLC is a 501 © (3) non-profit organization that includes a network of five pregnancy resource centers in three counties, a prenatal care center, a youth development department, and a marriage support center.  For 20 years, ENLC has served thousands of low-income, inner-city families through wrap-around services created to serve the whole woman and her family. 

The Marriage Works! Ohio (MW! Ohio) project partners with four other community service providers to offer free classes, seminars, and special events for couples at every stage of their relationship throughout Dayton and the surrounding Miami Valley region of southwestern Ohio.  Classes focus on marriage enrichment and building healthy relationships. 

Revitalizing Marriages

“Dear MW!(Marriage Works!) Ohio staff:

I really thought that I was doomed to a marriage of anger, dissatisfaction and dysfunction….I really don’t know how I ended up at a MW! Class but now I see this was heaven sent.  I believe this class made us look at our lives, our shortcomings, and if nothing else made me remember that I was married and not just living with the mother of my children.  {The quality of} Our marriage has jumped by leaps and bounds.  We started talking without all the anger and hostility---that didn’t happen overnight but it happened.  I started bringing my check stubs home.  We painted the interior of the house and that was an accomplishment because we never could be civil enough to pick out a color for years….On August 26th we celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary.  We thank both of you from the bottom of our hearts for the help.  I hope and pray that every couple’s marriage has gotten better. “

Impacting Teens

“Through this program, I have learned so much about myself.  I realized how badly I let guys treat me and how badly I let me treat myself.  This program could not have come at a more perfect time.  I am currently talking to a guy that treats me well.  And although we both know we really like each other, we have very clear boundaries set.  Instead of giving up on him because I didn’t get what I “wanted” soon enough, I’ve learned to be patient.  Also this program made me realize that I need to treat my family better, especially my parents!  My friendships have grown and I’ve learned how to treat people better.”


For more information, visit:  http://www.trustmarriage.com