The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families: Midlands Fatherhood Coalition Lexington site

The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families Image“Aaron” enrolled in the Midlands Fatherhood Coalition Lexington, SC site because he wanted to become a more engaged father in his child’s life. A strained relationship with the custodial parent prevented Aaron from seeing his daughter regularly.

Aaron maintained full-time employment and paid his court-ordered child support payments. With the assistance of program staff, he completed the legal request for visitation packet and filed it with Charleston County Family Court.

It wasn’t easy. He had to make repeated 200-mile round trips to Charleston with program staff for court hearings. But after three trips to Charleston, Aaron was awarded visitation of his daughter in June 2008. Aaron also earned a promotion and salary increase from his employer during this period.

Because of his unwavering commitment to fatherhood and the support of the program, Aaron has progressed from being a quiet group participant to a confident, outspoken contributor.

These steps prepared him for the next phase, which occurred later when Aaron obtained custody of his child. Today, Aaron is still gainfully employed, maintains custody of his daughter, and remains involved in the Fatherhood program for support and to help other fathers in similar situations.

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