What We Do

We advise the Assistant Secretary for Children and Families on all policy and programmatic matters, serving as the primary contact for the Department of Health and Human Services, the Executive Branch, and the Congress on all legislative, budget development and execution and regulatory activities. Our office includes two divisions:

The Division of Budget is responsible for:

  • Preparing all major ACF budget documents
  • Coordinating execution of the entire ACF budget
  • Forecasting budget authority needs, expenditures and outlays for mandatory spending and discretionary spending programs such as TANF, Foster Care and Adoption Assistance, Child Care Development Fund, Child Support Enforcement, Head Start and LIHEAP
  • Working closely with program staff to integrate performance goals and measures into the budget process

See our Budget Information webpage for the most recent ACF budget requests, Congressional Justifications and historical ACF budgets as well as links to Congressional action that includes ACF’s funding and specific priorities.

The Division of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the development of legislative proposals, including reauthorization of program funding
  • Monitoring legislative activity related to ACF programs
  • Responding to Congressional requests, such as requests for technical assistance on legislation
  • Preparing agency witnesses for Congressional hearings
  • Monitoring fulfillment of the ACF’s regulatory and congressional reporting commitments
  • Manages all Government Accountability Office (GAO) activity within ACF
  • Facilitates OIG engagements relating to the management of ACF programs, to include, but not be limited to:
    • audits to determine whether an ACF program office met its statutory requirements;
    • audits to determine whether an ACF program office complied with internal policies and procedures;
    • evaluations of an ACF program for efficiency and effectiveness;
    • and evaluation of both ACF management and selected grantees' management of their grants.

Find more information on Legislative Affairs, including:

  • Reports to Congress
  • Congressional testimonies by ACF witnesses
  • A list of the ACF programs that have expiring authorities by the fiscal and budget year in which the authority expires and the Congressional Committees of jurisdiction for the program
  • Legislative resources
  • GAO Engagements/OIG Audits and Evaluations

Search our Regulations webpage for a list of ACF’s published regulations and their publication dates in the Federal Register from 1997 to present, as well as regulatory resources.

Last Reviewed: June 14, 2016