State TANF Policies: Welfare Rules Database Expansion, 2013-2017

Project Overview

For several years, ACF has provided resources to facilitate updating and expanding the State TANF Policies Database. The Urban Institute began developing the database in early 1997, as part of the Assessing New Federalism project. The database was conceived as a single location where information on program rules could be researched across States and/or across years, without the need to consult multiple documents, and it was intended to provide a resource for researchers working on both descriptive and quantitative projects. As of the end of 1999, the Urban Institute had released information on eligibility and benefits rules for 1996 through 1999. ACF has funded updates to the database, as well as publication of tables summarizing State TANF policies for each year since then.

Project activities and outcomes include: (1) compile information on State cash assistance policies from State manuals and enter it into the database; (2) verify the database information with State welfare agencies; (3) make the database publicly available on the Internet, and make improvements to the Internet interface as appropriate; (4) prepare an annual book summarizing the information on State cash assistance policies; and (5) prepare special tables to support HHS priorities and initiatives.

The point of contact is Girley Wright.

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