Tracking of the Early Head Start Research and Evaluation Project (EHSREP) Sample, 2012-2018

Project Overview

The Early Head Start Research and Evaluation Project (EHSREP) is a longitudinal impact evaluation of the Early Head Start program initiated in 1996, at the same time that the Early Head Start program was created. Child and family assessments were conducted when children were 14 months old, 24 months old, 36 months old, in the spring prior to kindergarten entry, and again in the spring of the sixth year of formal schooling (5th grade for most children). In 2012, ACF awarded a contract to RAND Corporation to track the children and families who participated in the EHSREP in order to maintain up-to-date contact information and prepare for a possible follow-up data collection. Tracking activities will involve locating children/families, verifying and updating their relevant contact information, and collecting information on a small set of items related to well-being and self-sufficiency (e.g., high school graduation, involvement in juvenile justice system, employment). This contract will continue tracking the EHSREP sample until children reach 18 years of age (at the time the tracking study began, they were approximately 14-17 years of age depending on their age at the time of enrollment in the study).

The points of contact are Amy Madigan and Amanda Clincy.