Design Phase: National Study of Child Care Supply and Demand – 2010 Literature Review and Summary

Published: August 15, 2009
Child Care
Design Phase for National Survey of Early Care and Education (NSECE), 2007-2010 | Learn more about this project
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This literature review and summary is intended to help identify key research questions and conceptual and methodological issues for the design of the National Study of Child Care Supply and Demand 2010 (NSCCSD 2010).

This literature review and summary is informed by two bodies of work. First, we review findings from the two national studies conducted in 1990, as well as more recent surveys conducted at the national, state and local levels that have measured the demand and supply of early and school age care. Second, we summarize the research literature across a range of substantive areas relevant to the design of the NSCCSD.

This literature review and summary is closely aligned with a logic model that identifies how key research questions are linked to constructs and measures. A compendium of measures has also been developed to complement both the literature review and logic model. The compendium reviews and documents existing surveys and survey items, and includes a description of the psychometric properties of items, populations on which the measures have been tested, sample frame coverage issues, and the appropriateness of items for use with key target populations. At this stage of the project, we have developed an initial draft of both the logic model and measures compendium to accompany the literature review and summary.