Opening Session: Health and Education: Scientific Evidence Supports Head Start’s Comprehensive Approach to Promoting Children’s School Readiness

Published: June 26, 2006
Abuse, Neglect, Adoption & Foster Care, Child Care, Early Head Start, Head Start
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The task of researchers and practitioners is to serve the Head Start children and their families as best as is humanly possible, both for reasons that have to do with morality, doing the right thing, and efficiency, doing it in ways that are affordable and effective. It is clear that better health and education are strongly linked to one another. Good health is associated with higher education and lifetime achievement. More years of education are associated with greater health, more happiness, higher incomes, and greater longevity. Conceptions of health, as embodied by the World Health Organization, are not always shared by the United States. It is important to be as broad as possible and include social and mental well-being when talking about health, since health is more than the absence of illness or disease. That includes being a robust functioning person in society, being a contributor, and having a sense of accomplishment and commitment.

Head Start's 8th National Research Conference

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