Report of the National Literacy Panel for Language Minority Children and Youth

Published: June 23, 2008
Abuse, Neglect, Adoption & Foster Care, Child Care, Early Head Start, Head Start
Special Sessions: Plenary I

An increasing number of children entering early childhood education settings are English Language Learners (ELLs). Given that on average, ELLs have low levels of literacy attainment, teaching these students to read and write well in English is an urgent challenge for educators. The National Literacy Panel on Language-Minority Children and Youth was convened to identify, assess, and synthesize research on the education of young ELLs with respect to their attainment of literacy, and to produce a comprehensive report on the panel’s findings. Nonie K. Lesaux, David J. Francis, and Diane August present the panel’s results and the implications for the education of young ELLs. Dr. Lesaux discusses the similarities and differences between ELLs and native speakers in the development of literacy skills and how the reading difficulties of ELLs reading in their second language resemble the reading disabilities of native speakers.

Head Start's 9th National Research Conference

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