About Preferred Communities

Since the early 1990s, preferred communities have provided resettlement services to newly arriving refugees. Preferred communities allow ample opportunities for early employment and sustained economic independence. In addition, they support special needs populations.

Two types of preferred communities programs are available.

  1. Programs that receive a minimum of 100 new refugees annually.
  2. Programs that receive a proposed number of cases that will need intensive case management. These programs require a history of qualifications and experience in serving special needs cases.

Nine national voluntary agencies currently resettle refugees under a Reception and Placement Cooperative Agreement with the Department of State or with the Department of Homeland Security. The Preferred Communities program is restricted to the following agencies because placements of new arrivals occur under the terms of the cooperative agreements, and no other agencies place new arrivals or participate in determining their resettlement sites.

Annual Report for 2011 (DOC 15KB)

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Office of Refugee Resettlement
Administration for Children and Families
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Last Reviewed: November 8, 2016