Through the U.S. Repatriation Program, ORR provides loans to eligible repatriates referred from the U.S. Department of State.

Repatriates are individuals who:

  • Have returned or been brought from a foreign country to the U.S. due to poverty, illness, war or the threat of war
  • Do not have immediate access to available resources to meet their needs

Repatriation Program Fact Sheet (PDF 189KB)

State Repatriation Program Coordinators Contact Form - Attachment B (PDF 576KB)

ACF Regional Emergency Repatriation Liaisons Contact sheet (DOC 166KB)

ORR State Letter 12-06: Authorized Resettlement Areas for Eligible U.S. Repatriates (PDF 143KB)

Information Memorandum: State Repatriation Agreement-- Clarification for Section II, Background, August 2013 (DOC 80KB)

Information Memorandum: New Repatriation Forms (PDF 280KB)

Repatriation Forms

  • Emergency and Group Processing Form (PDF 257KB)
  • Emergency and Group Repatriation Financial Form (PDF 288KB)
  • FIER Contact Form (PDF 325KB)
  • Loan Waiver Request Form (PDF 184KB)
  • Non-Emergency Monthly Financial Statement Form (PDF  211KB)
  • Privacy and Repayment Agreement Form (PDF 112KB)
  • Refusal of Temporary Assistance Form (PDF 114KB)
  • State Request for Federal Support Form (PDF 168KB)
  • Temporary Assistance Extension Request Form (PDF 211KB)

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